Have you done all you need to do before you head overseas? Use our helpful list to check and give yourself plenty of time to get everything in order.

Immunisations advice

Several months before you travel overseas, you should go to your doctor and get their advice on what vaccinations or medicine you might need.  This is different for every country and also for each person.  Your team leader will be in contact with you to make sure that you have all the appropriate vaccinations for the trip.  If you choose not to take your doctor’s advice, and not have the recommended vaccinations for some personal reason, you may be asked to sign a disclaimer form. This form releases Encounter and your team leader from any liability or consequences of your decision not to have vaccinations.

Smart traveller rego

We recommend that each individual travelling overseas takes the time to register with Smart traveller.  If there are any problems or natural disasters in the area you are travelling, you will receive notifications about these events.  The site also provides travel advice that is very useful.

Credit Card & Bank Stuff

Some banks, as a security measure, may put a freeze on your credit card if the system notices that you’re using it in an unusual location. Give them a call before you go, to notify them of your travel plans. Also, make sure you know your 4-digit pin. Paywave is not always accepted, and you may need to use your credit card in the case of an emergency.

Travel & health insurance

Encounter recommends that each team going out uses the same company for their insurance, as it streamlines the process for contact or claims.  One of our preferred providers is Worldcare insurance (Worldcare.com.au) who provide reasonably priced individual travel insurance, and also quotes for group travel.

Mental / physical health considerations

If you are currently not well, either mentally or physically, please disclose this on your application form. Consider the potential strain that a health crisis could cause to the rest of the group, and prayerfully consider whether this is the best time to go on a group trip.