Short term Mission(STM) has been an integral part of GLO from its beginning, when STM’s were usually of one to three years. Stephen Mc Quoid, Director of GLO Europe, has commented that he cannot imagine GLO Ministries without Short Term Missions.

AMT is a service agency which has been facilitating the involvement in world mission from Christian Brethren churches in Australia for more than a hundred years. The AMT board has had a growing desire to widen its charter of activity to include STM.


  • involving growing numbers of people in short term mission teams
  • providing effective training and discipleship so both senders and receivers are seen as valued participants in the process of mission.
  • facilitating local churches to plan and conduct short term missions.
  • encouraging participants and local churches to become more Christ-like and missional in their lives.
  • providing a pathway to longer term mission service
  • supporting missionaries by doing tasks they are unable to do
  • providing encouragement both to missionaries and the people they are working with


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